George Springer - Camp SAY's Hero!

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George Springer has been a national spokesperson for SAY & Camp SAY since 2014. As a person who has stuttered since childhood,¬†George¬†understands how crucial it is for kids & teens who stutter to have a place of friendship, acceptance, and encouragement where they can build confidence and be themselves. George’s openness about his own journey as a person who stutters has been an inspiration to all people who stutter.

George Springer is an outstanding role model for SAY kids, showing them first-hand that stuttering shouldn’t ever hold them back from achieving anything they want in life!

George’s touching meeting with a young fan who stutters at a 2019 game in Anaheim, CA went viral and sparked this beautiful piece from the MLBPA.

'George Springer & SAY: Going to Bat for Kids Who Stutter' - MLBPA Feature

George was a 2017 All-Star and during the big game, he wore a microphone and gave an interview from the outfield. George knew that he would stutter but wanted to tell the world he stands up for all kids who stutter Рamazing!

Click here to hear the interview.


George Springer Camp SAY’s Hero

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