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Camp SAY: A Summer Camp for Young People who Stutter


Welcome to Camp SAY!

Dear Parents,

As parents of a child who has attended Camp SAY, we are thrilled that you are considering this incredible opportunity for your child.

For so many years, our daughter Rebecca tried to hide her stutter from her classmates. The feeling of being different and being judged made her uncomfortable. Stuttering has impacted her in so many ways, some that were obvious and other ways that went much deeper.

Camp SAY has been a life-changing experience for Rebecca. From the moment that she arrived at camp, she felt a sense of belonging and comfort that the other kids bestowed upon her simply through their patience and kindness. Having the opportunity to be in a place where she was completely uninhibited about her speech and comfortable allowed her to realize that she’s not alone and does not need to be afraid to be herself. At Camp SAY, she became part of an entire community of caring and thoughtful young adults who not only feel good about themselves but are inspired to help others feel the same. As a parent, you understand how critical acceptance and self-confidence are for a child who stutters.

Today, Rebecca is an outspoken, confident young woman because of her involvement with this amazing organization. Someone once said, “We all need a place like SAY, a place where we can feel free to be who we are, practice patience, and not feel judged by others.” We couldn’t agree more. SAY’s year-round programming, including Camp SAY, our Confident Voices after-school & weekend program. SAY: Storytellers, and speech therapy has an immense impact by changing young people’s lives forever.

We really hope that you have the opportunity to enroll your child in Camp SAY and become part of the SAY family!

Bettina & Michael Klein
Join the Camp SAY Family!

Join the Camp SAY Family!

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