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Camp SAY: A Summer Camp for Young People who Stutter


Questions about Camp?

We understand that you may have questions about camp, so we want you to have all of this added information.

What can I expect during my time at Camp SAY?

You will have tons of fun during your time at Camp SAY. You will meet lots of new friends who stutter and build self-confidence to help you do anything you want to in life!

What is the food like at Camp SAY?

Camp SAY meals are awesome. You’ll have amazing choices so you can find something you love at every meal. The Camp SAY kitchen is run by a great team of chefs who prepare three amazing meals daily. Snacks are available throughout the day too. Sample meals include:

You can also always find:

Where do I sleep?

Each camper is assigned to a cabin with beds with comfy mattresses, bathroom (with showers, sinks, toilets), and electricity (lights & outlets for radios, etc.), clean sheets & blankets, shelves & clothing racks (to store clothing), fans, and screened windows – so no bug bites.

Who else will be in my bunk?

Each bunk includes 6-10 campers, all about the same age. The boys and girls are located on different sides of camp. Bunks are arranged by age and gender, kids who stutter and siblings/friends who don’t stutter, will all be bunked together – which makes camp even more fun. Each bunk also includes at least 2 amazing counselors, some that also stutter, helping to make your camp experience…AMAZING!

Is Camp SAY as much fun as everyone says it is?

Yes, and that’s the reason that most campers return to Camp SAY the next year. But don’t just take our word for it – if you’d like to speak with another kid or teen who has attended Camp SAY, let us know and we can make that happen.

What kind of activities can I do at Camp SAY?

Camp SAY has an amazing range of activities that you can do with the great campers from your bunk and age group! Each day you can also pick at least one added activity that you feel like doing on the spot – that way you get to do ALL of the fun things that you want to do and meet campers from other bunks and age groups. While we encourage campers to try all types of new experiences, campers have the option to select the activities they like best. Click here for a complete list of amazing activities.

Can I write or talk to my parents while at camp?

Mail is delivered daily to campers – both printed emails and old-school snail mail. Letters written home can also be mailed daily to tell your family what you are up to at camp. Of course, if you need to speak with your family while at camp, we can definitely make that happen, no problem!

Do I have to stay for the full two weeks?

We understand that summers are a busy time and different schools start on different days.

We’ll work with you and your family to make sure that your Camp SAY stay is a great one. You have the option of staying for a shorter amount of time – please just have your parents contact us to discuss options.

Camper FAQs
Camper FAQs
Camper FAQs
Camper FAQs
Camper FAQs

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