Camper Teams

In addition to a tremendous range of activities to choose from, your child can select one or more teams to join even before camp begins.

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Camp SAY: A Summer Camp for Young People who Stutter


It’s a great opportunity to tap into your child’s current interests or create a new one.

Will your child prefer the…

BASKETBALL TEAM – Sharpen your ball skills, learn to shoot even better, build team unity and (try to) defeat the counselors in a championship game.

CHESS TEAM – Study the pieces, hone your winning moves, strategize with your teammates and go head-to-head against a counselor at a camp event.

DANCE TEAM – Learn some new moves, develop your own choreography, tighten up the group synchronicity and show off your crew’s smooth moves with a performance at a camp event. 

DEBATE TEAM – Learn to state and defend your opinions fearlessly, coordinate unstoppable arguments and face off against the counselors in a camp-wide debate. 

DESIGN/ART TEAM – Tap into your inner artist and create original paintings, sculptures, drawings, designs, fashion and jewelry – whatever you want to share with the world! Show off what you create at a camp-wide art gallery opening.

Camper Teams

IMPROV TEAM – Tap into your creativity, indulge in improv games, learn the cardinal rules of improv, develop timing, and delivery and get the rest of camp excited at a performance at a camp event.

MUSIC TEAM – Rock out on your favorite instrument, jam with fellow bandmates, create an original song (or interpret one that already exists) and show off your inner rock star at a performance at a camp event. 

NATURE TEAM – Explore the natural beauty at camp, go on nature hikes, and create a presentation to share at a camp event.

NEWS TEAM – Capture all the great Camp SAY moments, realize your inner interviewing/announcer skills and create a news video/newsletter to share with the rest of camp.

SPOKEN WORD/POETRY TEAM – Let go and let the words flow, on the fly or take it nice and slow, find the inspiration and the dedication to hoist your voice, your choice of rhymes to the sky and share your piece(s) at a performance at a camp event.

SINGING TEAM – Let your singing voice be heard, write original songs (or interpret ones that already exist), crank up your solo skills and impress the rest of camp with your group’s rockin’ harmonies as you perform at a camp event.

Camper Teams

SOCCER TEAM – Hone your dribbling abilities, learn to defend fearlessly, boost your shooting accuracy (and score more goals!), build team unity and (try to) defeat the counselors in a championship game.

ADVOCACY TEAM – Learn more about stuttering (and speech-language pathology in general), bond with like-minded people and professionals in the field and show off your newfound expertise in a presentation at a camp event.

SPIRIT TEAM – Show off your enthusiasm, create camp pride, coordinate chants and cheers to inspire athletes and artists alike and get the rest of camp excited and engaged at the other teams’ activities and presentations.

SWIMMING TEAM – Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, you can master new swimming skills, develop stronger strokes, work on your breathing techniques and create a video of you and your teammates’ experiences to share at a camp event.

TENNIS TEAM – Strengthen your ace serve, improve your forehand and backhand strokes, master the court in singles, coordinate your volleys in doubles and (try to) defeat the counselors in a championship game.

VOLLEYBALL TEAM – Perfect your serve, learn to bump, set and spike like the pros, build team unity and (try to) defeat the counselors in a championship game.

Camper Teams

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