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Upon enrolling in Camp SAY, parents will receive a comprehensive Parent’s Package that includes all the important information you’ll need to make your child’s experience at Camp SAY enjoyable & meaningful.

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Camp SAY: A Summer Camp for Young People who Stutter


We offer an informative Parent’s Handbook, with detailed information in many areas such as what to pack and wear, meals and nutrition (our camp provides balanced, healthy and delicious meals and can accommodate special dietary restrictions), transportation, important contact information and so much more.

Camp SAY is an American Camp Association (ACA)-accredited program, so you can feel confident that our camp program meets exceptional quality and safety standards.

Additional Camp SAY highlights include:

High-Quality Staff: Counselors complete a comprehensive training program to support the social, emotional, and physical needs of all our campers. Staff development includes leadership training and extensive information about stuttering, camper health and safety, camp philosophy, policies and procedures, and much more. Additionally, Specialized Activities Staff is carefully selected based on their skills and expertise. A significant percentage of our staff and camp counselors stutter and can convey first-hand, how they’ve achieved life goals as people who stutter.

Excellent Staff-to-Camper Ratio: With the Camp SAY Leadership Team, camp counselors, specialized activities staff, and more, our staff-to-camper ratio is 1 staff member for every 2-3 campers. In addition, each bunk is staffed at night with at least 2 counselors for an average of 6-10 campers.

Meals: Camp SAY provides a wonderfully balanced meal plan with great options that kids will enjoy. In addition to the delicious main meals, we provide an unlimited fresh salad bar with lunch and dinner, plus tasty snacks at key times during the day. We can accommodate a broad range of dietary restrictions to ensure that your child’s experience at Camp SAY is truly memorable. The cheerful dining room is a perfect space to share yummy and nutritious meals with friends.

Talented Nursing Team: Your child’s safety and well-being are our highest priorities. Our camp is staffed by at least two full-time, on-site registered nurses who can properly dispense any family-provided medications and can access medical specialists as needed.

Traveling to Camp SAY: We work closely with families to make each child’s trip to Camp SAY safe and as enjoyable as possible. 

Our Personalized Approach: In order to fully personalize your child’s camp experience, our team obtains detailed preferences in advance of camp from you and your child – from their activities to seemingly small yet important details. For example, children who have birthdays at Camp SAY are celebrated with a group birthday song and birthday cake.

Amazing Results: Children and teens leave Camp SAY with so many important benefits such as increased confidence, new friendships, greater independence, and feeling better prepared to begin the new school year in a very positive way. It’s the reason that more than 80% of campers return year after year.

Want to access added information now? Be sure to read our Camp SAY Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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