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Camp SAY: A Summer Camp for Young People who Stutter


Camp SAY is a two week overnight camp, located in Barryville, New York, that offers competitive pay for a variety of positions! Staff Dates for 2024 are Saturday, July 27th – Sunday, August 18th (including training).

Positions Available for Camp SAY 2024:

Camp Counselor: Counselors fulfill two roles at Camp SAY – Bunk Counselor and Activities Counselor. Each day, counselors will lead/support various camp activities throughout activity periods: outdoor sports, performing/creative arts, group bonding activities, outdoor activities, and more. Each activity period will consist of groups of counselors collaborating to support campers of various age groups. In every cabin, counselors will work closely with a co-counselor supporting 8-12 campers in the overnight bunk experience. The bunk experience consists of bunk chats, prepping campers for bedtime, waking up together, bonding activities, and more. Apply HERE!

Travel Counselor/Driver: As part of the Travel Team, Travel Counselors are entrusted to drive and travel with campers and staff to and from camp as needed. This position works closely under the supervision of the Travel Coordinator. Drivers should feel comfortable working with minivans and possibly other SUV-sized vehicles. When traveling with a camper, Travel Counselors will become that camper’s guardian and caregiver until they return to camp. The Travel Counselor’s responsibilities include running errands for camp supplies, dropping off & picking up campers/staff members at the airport (JFK, La Guardia, Newark), and driving campers and staff members to and from urgent care or the ER as needed. When on camp, Travel Counselors may be asked to assist the Travel Coordinator with administrative tasks such as prepping materials/vehicles for arrival and departure, contacting airlines for confirmations, organizing travel supplies, and more. Travel Counselors are encouraged to participate in activities and support campers while on camp. Apply HERE!

Office/Support Staff: The Office and Support Staff are the engine room of camp supporting all areas of camp with various tasks and activities under the guidance of the Office Coordinator. This position supports the smooth operation of camp and maintains a clean and organized space in the main office. Office and Support staff may be tasked with additional administrative duties like answering phone calls from camper families, sending text or email correspondence, assisting with data entry and bookkeeping, keeping an inventory of supplies, taking attendance, processing camper mail, and assisting other departments such as Health and Programming as needed. Office and Support staff may also be tasked with more hands-on duties around camp including supporting the counselors in specific activities, set-up/breakdown of daily activities and special events, assisting with transitions between activities, and arranging/organizing/preparing supplies in the office. This can be a physically demanding position that comes with the advantage of being able to interact with a wide variety of campers and staff every day. Apply HERE!

Photographer: Under the Programming Director’s supervision, the Photographer takes high-quality, professional photographs and videos of campers around camp. This position consists of uploading, editing, and sorting photographs and videos daily. Photographers are expected to post several times per day on the Camp SAY blog. Camp SAY has approximately 160 campers every summer. We ask that at least one picture of each camper up appears on the blog every 2 days. The Camp SAY photographers should be energetic, enthusiastic, and have the ability to catch a smile, a special moment, and various memories for camper families. The Photographer’s judgment with regard to image quality and appropriateness is absolutely crucial. Photos are reviewed daily by camper families searching for images of their camper(s) having a positive experience at Camp SAY. An appropriate photography portfolio of camp-related and/or action photos is required for an interview. Photography experience including knowledge of DSLR cameras and lighting techniques is also required. Knowledge of digital asset management is essential to success in this position. Apply HERE!

AV/DJ: As part of the Programming Team, the AV/DJ will help to bring joy to camp and help our campers be heard! This position works closely with the Camp Director and Programming Director and is a crucial element in the following areas: Evening Activities (campfires, dance parties, themed activities, and more); Meals (curating tracklists at every breakfast, lunch, and dinner times); Themed Days/Show Days (dress rehearsals and performances, Arrival and Departure Day, and more). The AV/DJ’s responsibilities include: infusing more music throughout the camp experience; setting up equipment (microphones, speakers, video screens, projectors, sound and mixing boards, stage lights, etc); testing equipment before an event or activity; monitoring sound feeds to ensure quality; diagnosing and correcting media system problems; working with Camp SAY staff to ensure proper handling and installation of all equipment provided (and evaluating if additional equipment needs to be rented). Apply HERE!

Teaching Artist: Teaching Artists lead and support various creative/performing arts activities under the guidance of the Artistic Director. Each Teaching Artist works with small groups of campers to create original creative pieces in various forms (songs, short plays, poems, etc). Campers have an opportunity to share their creations with our camp community as well. TA’s are there to inspire our campers to explore their imaginations and help them share their voices and ideas with the world. Some responsibilities include transcribing their campers’ original ideas into script formats, staging and rehearsing performance pieces, completing tech sheets if necessary, and communicating effectively with the Artistic Director about their group’s progress and individual campers’ needs. The Teaching Artist position is a shortened position, only necessary for ONE WEEK of camp. Apply HERE!

Nurse (Health Center): Our Camp Nurse is a member of the Health Care Team under the guidance and support of the Health Coordinator. They and the other Health Care Team will provide all necessary health care and promote overall good health for campers and staff. The nurse ensures that the Health Center is kept clean and stocked with appropriate supplies and medications, keeps clear, accurate, and concise records on all campers and staff, conducts initial and final health checks, and keeps a daily medical log to maintain and document the camper’s/staff member’s chart. The nurse also dispenses and keeps a record of daily medications administered, keeps track of patients requiring follow-up visits for medical care, and helps to determine if and when a camper/staff member should be taken to the hospital, urgent care, or seek any other medical support offsite. Nurses should be licensed in the state of New York as an RN or be willing to obtain their NYS license at the cost of Camp SAY. Apply HERE!

Social Worker/Care Specialist: The camp Social Worker/Care Specialist is responsible for monitoring the mental, emotional, and social health (MESH) and well-being of all campers and supporting the staff throughout camp. This includes providing a space for campers and staff to take a break from the daily activities of camp, checking in with campers and staff that have shown MESH concerns, collaborating on and implementing action plans to structure additional MESH support, taking the lead in crisis intervention (especially as it relates to self-harm), recognizing when additional support is needed or a camper or staff member should go home to get more support, and documenting any direct or indirect interventions. The camp Social Worker/Care Specialist will review every camper and staff member’s profile in advance of camp and work with the Leadership Team to create the Action Plans. The camp Social Worker/Care Specialist will work closely with the Senior Head Counselors, the Health Coordinator, and the Directors to assess MESH-related situations and determine next steps. The camp Social Worker/Care Specialist may also be asked to help with phone calls home to parents/caregivers with any MESH-related concerns. Apply HERE!

Security Guard: The Security Guard is tasked with monitoring the camp’s main entrance to keep track of any vehicles arriving and departing. They are in direct communication with the Camp Leadership Staff, keeping track of who is on camp at all times and if anything of concern occurs. Security will make sure that only permitted campers and staff are on the camp property overnight while navigating the shared road that runs through the camp. There may be times during the shift when security is patrolling the property to maintain the security of camp. The main objective is to make sure the entire camp (campers, counselors, staff, etc.) are kept safe and protected. The on-duty hours will be from 10:30 pm – 6:30 am. Apply HERE!

Leadership Staff: Leadership Staff positions are only available to returning staff. Specific roles will be discussed with the Camp SAY Directors. We are asking Leadership Staff to be available from July 25th – August 19th (with possible seasonal work starting sooner). Leadership Staff positions include Senior Head Counselor, Head Counselor, Travel Coordinator, Travel Associate, SLP, Office Manager, Office Associate, Health Associate, Programming Associate, Evening Activities Coordinator, Teams Coordinator, Choice Coordinator, Waterfront Coordinator, Care Specialist (Mental Health Specialist), etc. Apply HERE!

If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Camp SAY, Kendra Perkins, at 646-969-4545 or

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All Staff members at Camp SAY are called to support, encourage, and engage campers socially, emotionally and physically. This can range from helping with conflict resolution to modeling what it means to be a great listener. We encourage all staff members to bring their enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility, and generosity.


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